While every-moment of everyday is a project in its own right Stawa Productions supports the focused endeavors of its visionaries.  We strive to enable the expression of the human spirit.  Not only do we support the inspiration of our visionaries but we also greatly value the ideas and opinions of our audience.  Together we facilitate growth through experimentation and collaboration.

Projects can be small or big, focused or broad.  They may take a few hours or many years.  Some projects under development include:

      Rock Concert and Dance (dance project)
      Macro Fragments (photo)
      Forest competitors (photo)
      Europe Recollections (photo)

Past Projects

New Zealand Report

During a six month journey in New Zealand visionary Nicholas Travers documented his adventures and experiences in a semi weekly blog. His work primarily focused on ‘tramping’ in the New Zealand Bush. Also included in the blog are descriptions of his social interactions with local kiwis and fellow international transients. The work features a variety of Photographic works by Nicholas Travers with additional guest contributions.

Current Projects


An ongoing project to capture the sun as it breaks into our lives.


An ongoing project examining those vibrant places of the land and our desire to touch.


If you have a project idea you would like support with please contact with project in the subjectline.


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